What Do You Collect?

Even if we try not to, somehow everyone has a collection of something. Whether it is photos from years past, old trophies from swim team you couldn't possibly toss, or your grandmother's tea pots, somehow there is something to display that might be tough to do in a modern way. 

Luckily there are some really people out there that can help us out. I thought all of these were beautiful and fun ways to live with those collections that may be piled around in not-so-cute ways. 

via brightboldbeautiful.com
This would be so pretty on a window ledge, bookcase or mantel. 

from google.com
 For shoe that still have the sand from their first trip to the beach, this would be perfect. 

via threadless.com
Long bookshelves are perfect for any collection, even your wooden pepper mills. 

via moredesignplease.com
Different sized mirrors covering a small, mint painted room is so fun. 

via moredesignplease.com
A border of antique hand mirrors in different shapes and sizes looks so chic. 

via thedecorologist.com

Love the stack of hats at the door.  
What collections do you have and how do you display them? 


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