Missoni Madness

If you were like thousands of other shoppers yesterday, you experienced either the annoyance of a crashed Target site or the lack of product at your local outpost. According to some of my local Target employees, people were lined up outside, ran into the store at opening and threw everything they could get their hands on in their carts. 

I secretly wish I could have been one of those people, but for now will just look down on them as the hoarders that stole my loot and will be tragically selling it on eBay by tonight. 

If you are one of those people, I hope you are not one of the Ebay crazies and will be enjoying your amazing Missoni wares knowing how coveted they are. 

By the time I could make it to the store, there was not a lot to choose from. But I did manage to get a few things...

The two skirts are super comfortable and will also be great to throw on over leggings with a tee in the Fall. The bra is also one of the best fitting I have bought in a while. The quality of everything surprised me. The knits are thick and soft, just like the real deal.  

My make shift throw will eventually be enjoyed by a child, but right now it is looking great on my favorite chaise. 

I am devastated that I could not even get a glimpse of the throws and pillows, but such is life. I will be enjoying all of the above knowing I got a piece of the action. Even just a bit. 

Did you get any Missoni love? 


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  1. Anonymous14.9.11

    love the skirts you picked up! so cute! and adorable with the oversized sweater, denim shirt and i LOVE those booties. i got in online (not sure how because my sister was trying at the same time and couldn't) at about 10am and got two cardigans (we'll see what they actually look like in person), two of the multicolored bath towels, the zigzag rainboots and that sweet baby girl onesie. if this kid isnt a girl then i guess i just own a really adorable baby girl onesie. still can't believe the hysteria around this stuff, but it was kinda fun to be a part of it all. xoxo, jenna



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