The Martha of the South, Mary Carol Garrity

My fun-filled weekend was spent in Kansas City, MO with my mom. She is familiar with the area and had the inside line on an open house in Atchison, Kansas. Never heard of it? Neither had I. But apparently it is quite the destination for Southern ladies with a fondness for the stylings of Mary Carol Garrity. 

This local lady began a small shop in her hometown of Atchison, Kansas, thirty years ago. Since then she has evolved her decorating and retail business to include furniture, fabric, paint and accessories.

Once a year, she opens her home to the public as a showcase of her work. It was charming and had that Southern style that makes you want to be invited over for tea. Although everything was not my taste, there was so much to see and be inspired by. They also included Fall and holiday decor ideas that were really fun. 

We, along with the insane crowds, hit up all of her stores and found a few great accessories to bring home. You can also shop online, but will not find all Nell Hill has to offer. I was surprised by the low price points, as everything was of such great quality.  

It was fun to explore this Southern mecca and to see the excitement from all the ladies who had made the trip. We were not the only mother/daughter teams, as we met friendly duos who make it an annual bonding weekend. If you are in KC anytime soon, it is absolutely worth the trip. 


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    Love your post Erin! Mrs. Stephans :)



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