Style Snapshot: Becky

This week we report from the West Coast. Where one fun-loving, gorgeous and chic Santa Barbara native shares with us her style and beauty secrets. Though this Southern Californian girl now lives in San Fran, she always has that beachy fresh look we love. 

'When it comes to my hair and skin, natural is what I always strive for. 

So let's start with my hair... When I first started highlighting my hair I would always tell the lady please make it look natural!  When it comes to highlights I like my hair to look as natural as possible.  One of my best friends, Sarah Hammel, happens to be a colorist for Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in West Hollywood.  Unfortunately, I live in SF and cannot get my hair done by her.  So when I made the move from LA to SF she referred me to Monica West at Zip Zap salon.  I have been going to Monica now for 6 years and will be the first to say if you want a natural, sunkissed beachy look, balayage is the way to go. 

Sarah Hammel Adding the Finishing Touch
When it comes to lightening up, one of the most natural-looking and modern coloring techniques available right now is balayage. Essentially, balayage involves painting sections of the hair freehand, rather than using foils. The end result is a sexy “grown out” look that takes literally minutes to achieve, and requires less maintenance than traditional highlights. I love the grown out look, so I only get my hair done two to three times a year.

When it comes to my skin, I pretty much stick to what feels great. As someone who loves being outdoors, sunscreen is the most important product I use. Neutrogena Sunblock, Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 55 is the best and does the job it promises. 

I have used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 forever.  I love it because it doesn’t apply like a thick foundation, smooths out your skin and has sunscreen in it.

Even though I love the Laura Mercier tinted sunscreen, I recently started using Skin Perfection Gel by Per-fekt Beauty and love it. It works as an antioxidant rich serum and improves the look of your skin. It is super lightweight, natural and water proof. I switch off between the two now.

For bronzer, which I always have on, I like Laura Mercier in Golden Bronze. It helps me get that bronzed look I love without having to sit in the sun. Nars Deep Throat is the perfect blush with it. It is a peach color with a hint of shimmer. Who doesn't love their blush!

As for eyes, I generally do not wear much makeup, but when I want to spice things up I love the smokey eye look. I have always used dark browns with a touch of brown shimmer.  Any brown really works for me but I like to stick to the MAC eye shadows.

As for eyeliner,  I use Lancôme in café.  When I apply eye liner I will put it under my top eye lid, then use the end of this eyeliner brush to smudge it and make for that smoky look.

 I love how a nude lip looks with a smokey eye. So if I am going for that look I use Nars Belle du Jour lipstick. It is a sheer nude-beige that works great with my skin tone and gives just enough color.

I have been using the same perfume since seventh grade. I love Acqua di Gio eau de toilette because it is a fresh, soft smell that is not too overpowering like most perfumes in my opinion. This has been my scent forever and I will never switch! 

When it comes to fashion, my jewelry is the finishing touch to every outfit. Over the past 5 years I have started collecting vintage jewelry.  I love the story behind each piece.  Everything is so unique and just gorgeous.
Current Favorite Find: Cuff & Earrings
A good family friend of mine, Holly Murphy, started Coast 2 Coast Vintage and sells her amazing pieces in Santa Barbara, CA.  When I go home to visit my family, I always visit her to shop her latest finds and never leave empty handed.

Blue Moon Dress 
I shop all over, but one of my favorites is Planet Blue. When I feel the need to online shop, this is where I turn to. I recently found my new favorite leopard maxi dress there by Blue Moon. I love dresses, but also cannot resist the perfect pair of jeans. J Brand is the greatest and the only brand that I will buy now. All the styles fit great and the selection is amazing.

Balenciaga Bag, Celine (top) & Ray Ban Sunglasses

Exercise has always been a huge part of my life.  I had been doing triathlons for the past 2 years until I unfortunately injured my hip last October.  Now that I am off crutches, I have started adding pilates, yoga and biking back into my weekly workouts.  San Francisco has a ton of pilates and yoga studios but my favorites are the The Pad and Aha Yoga on Union Street.  I train privately with Dina Ricken for pilates at the Pad and take group yoga classes at Aha Yoga. You are guaranteed to sweat no matter what.

If you are into biking, Breakaway Performance is fantastic. Joel Ramirez will whip you into biking shape in no time.  

All of my inspiration in everything I do comes from my family and friends! Without any of them I would not be who I am today.'


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