Some Good, Some Very Bad at the VMAs

I feel a bit silly watching the VMAs still. Some of the bands are completely foreign to me and the jokes a little tired, but there is always a surprise or two that makes it worth TiVo-ing. If you caught it, you know that all the performances were amazing and Beyonce revealed her new "bump" for the world to see. 

From a fashion perspective, this night is usually a train wreck. Lots of girls that forgot their pants and girls in sequined mini dresses trying to be edgy, but it comes off as just hoer-y. 

There is also a lot of this....

And while I appreciate that musicians are artists and there is some sort of expression in this that needs to be interpreted, somehow it all feels a bit forced. Like everyone is trying to push the envelope farther than Gaga (who came dressed as a man all night, in character) and it all comes off a bit sad.

Luckily, there were a few girls there that kept things classy and very chic. Thank god, because the Jersey Shore gang were seriously giving girls a bad name all night.

Zoe is nailing it left and right these days, and this Barbara Bui look is no exception. The shoes are amazing. Emma looks just enough rock in her Alice + Olivia with a lady-like red lip. And Beyonce, who normally I have issues with, looks fantastic in Fall's hottest shade of rust. A beautifully draped Lanvin is perfect for this mother-to-be and a great departure from the usual hard edged, sequin covered gowns she is in.

So you young starlets and reality-show queens out there... If you are listening, take a cue from these ladies and cover up a bit. And for those of you "expressing" yourselves on the red carpet, I just do not get it.


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  1. Love this post - you said exactly what I was thinking as I was skipping through the VMA's! I want Zoe's dress!



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