Au Naturale

In an effort to try to go a bit more natural with my skin care, I have been testing out some face washes with less chemicals and more plant based ingredients. I am not a person who obsesses over these things, but my skin has been in freak out mode for a few months now and I figure changing to something a bit closer to the earth could not hurt.

La Roche-Posey Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel ($22) has the most amazing foaming action. It is soft and really deep cleans. I like how it feels like it has tighten my pores a bit without the feeling of over drying.

Neutrogena Naturals Cleansing + Make Up Remover ($6) kind of feels like every other cleanser, but is the most plant based of all three. It scrubs the make up off my face really well and has a really nice fresh scent.

Fresh Umberian Clay Face Treatment ($48) is a two in one. It does not take off make up, but is great as a light cleanser. It can also be used as a mask. It seems to really calm my skin and get some of the red out when it is irritated.

I have all of these on rotation now. The La Roche-Posey is my favorite, but I think all of them are great additions to my daily routine.

What natural products have you discovered lately?



  1. Kathy31.8.11

    Hey Erin - your brother turned me onto your blog and I love reading it when I have an extra minute!
    I am currently OBSESSED with the First Aid Beauty (FAB) Face Cleanser available at Sephora ($18 I think?). I have super sensitive skin and am allergic to salycylic acid - which is the active ingredient in probably 80% of cleansers, so finding something that really works without that in it has always been a battle. This is easily the best face wash I've ever used in my life - the fact that it has no parabens or harsh chemicals and is full of antioxidants and natural ingredients is an added bonus! Great creamy texture and makes my skin glow. Plus the price is right - and it works much better for me than some of the more expensive products I've used over the years. Seriously can't say enough good things about it (clearly) - I live in fear that Sephora will stop carrying it. Worth giving it a try!!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Kathy! So glad you like the blog and I for sure am going to try this brand. Great option for those with sensitivity. xo

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