Crushing on Courtney

Courtney Cox has long been someone we love. From her start as the girl who is pulled up on stage in a Springsteen video, to our long time bestie Monica Geller, and today as Mom to Coco and BFF to Jennifer, she has showed us what a Hollywood star should be.

I have long admired her grace and style. Her beauty seems to run a lot deeper than her fantastic red carpet style and ageless skin.

She seems real and someone you want to hang out with. And I really wish that was a possibility, as then I would be able to visit her at this beautiful Malibu beach house.

Courtney's house was recently featured in Elle Decor and she opened up about the design process and the aesthetic she was looking for.

The house was originally very dark and needed a modern renovation. Courtney worked very closely with an architect and designer that brought the indoors out and made the space perfect for her traditional Sunday get-togethers.

It turns out that Ms. Cox was an architecture student before becoming an actress. And much like her striving-for-perfection character on Friends, she has her hand in every step of any renovation she does.

The house has several buildings and places to entertain. My absolute favorite space is the outdoor fire pit area where Courtney has coffee every morning. I would die to have a place like that to relax.

The onyx tiles in the master bath and the giant wrought iron doors are fantastic.

How amazing is the outdoor bar modeled after a hot dog stand and the food trucks buzzing around LA? Courtney's chef cooks inside and serves up the food to guests there.

At first, I felt some of the spaces to feel a bit cold. But after reading about her love of the beach and bringing the indoors out, the spaces started to liven up.

Obviously, Courtney has great taste and it is so fun to see where she goes home at the end of the day. Maybe one day we will be invited.

Because I would love to have a cup of coffee with her around the fire pit.


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