Bringing Bright Home

There has been so much neon and day glo on the runway in the past year you would think everyone needed shades to attend. As I wrote in this post, I am loving this attack of bright color and most often when used in unexpected ways. 

I saw these trays by Alexandra Von Furstenberg (daughter of the extraordinary Diane) in the recent In Style magazine and fell in love with them. 

As it turns out, Alexandra has a design business that specializes in acrylic pieces for your home. These trays are a great way to bring in a modern touch and some of that neon trend to your home. Check out her site as her pieces are fantastic. 

I also found these fun canisters in bright colors and a variety of sizes. And at $9-$20, they are an easy way to brighten up without spending much. 

It is fun to find something you can live with in a trend that you are also wearing. 


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