Stocking the Guest Room

When guests come to visit it is always hard to know exactly what makes someone feel at ease and comfortable. No matter what, you want them to have fun, enjoy their space, and get a good night's rest. I have people stay quite often and know that a few bottles of water on the nightstand and a couple of good books on the shelf go a long way. I also love the idea of mints on pillow at night, just like at a hotel. And although I do not go to the lengths of actually doing that, I keep a big jar of peppermint lifesavers on the side table. I found a few great things to make your guest's next experience a thoughtful one inspired by my guest room. In addition, I would stock the bathroom with essentials, keep a bucket or vase filled with bottles of water, add some sort of flowers to the room, and make sure there are plenty of hangers in the closet. Nice ones.

1. A fluffy unisex robe from Overstock
2. An eye mask is functional and can be a great gift
3. Fun colored and great smelling soaps from Lush
4. A cheeky candy jar to fill with Lemonheads or gumballs from Jonathan Adler
5. An English pear and freesia scented candle from Jo Malone
6. Bedside water carafe from Crate & Barrel
7. Bright orange tray for them to stash their stuff from Z Gallerie


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  1. Anonymous8.11.12

    candle holder/candle/matches for power outages or a flashlight



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