Unconventional Storage

In an ideal world all of our stuff would fit perfectly into some cute box or tray and be presented beautifully and discreetly in our home. In my reality, I store about half of my things in this manner and the other half gets hidden away in a cramped unmarked drawer or stashed in a overcrowded closet. When I find unconventional ways to store anything, I try it out or at least run through it in my head to see if it is feasible. I had seen vintage hand models before in design magazines and was always on the hunt for one. They are kind of a strange find and some look like something from a horror movie. I snatched this one up at a local antique store for twenty dollars and it now is a fun place to put some of my favorite jewelry of the moment, which is usually strewn about my room haphazardly. I like that it puts what I want to wear now on display and the rest of my wares can stay in my jewelry box. Here are some links to some similar pieces and ideas that can easily be used in the same manner.

Vintage Door Knob Display for Necklaces
Use Vintage Teacups and Saucers
Display in a Glass Case Just like Your Fave Boutique
Attach Hooks to a Vintage Drawer, Like This Artist
Display Pieces in a Vintage Frame with Cork Backing
Shop Ebay for a Vintage Bust to Display Necklaces


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