Fresh Bloom: Delphinium

These little blue flowers winked at me when I saw them at the market. Just coming out of their little buds, they were starting to turn the darker blue that you see here. Hydrangea is what I am usually drawn to because they can go anywhere in the house, can last awhile if put in warm water, and are easy to arrange in any vase. These flowers are Delphinium and I am obsessed with the color. You can find them in all warmer months in the flower stores I found out, but I swear I have never seen them before. I just grab what looks nice at the market when I walk in. I like how I could just trim them to size and throw them into a vase right away. I am all about easy when it comes to flower arranging, although my goal this year is to get better. Hopefully, I can share some tips with you. Usually this what what my "arranging" looks like and with the Delphinium I like how they look a bit like wildflowers that I just snagged outside. Although let's get serious, it is 35 degrees outside. But, I can pretend.

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